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Surveillance and InstallationsCCTV Installations

We'll make sure your system is set-up to provide you with the best security at work and at home.

We install the full range of security systems, including CCTV, cameras and access control systems so whatever your requirements NovaSec specializes in keeping you safe and secured.  Every system is installed according to your personal circumstances, whether you’re upgrading your home security or installing an integrated business security system.

Every security system installation is carried out by our fully trained team of qualified engineers. Your systems are installed with diligence at your convenience, and every effort is made to integrate the security system as subtly as possible.

Security and maintenance, Our dedicated service department ensures your systems are maintained at the correct service intervals, keeping your system compliant and taking the stress of remembering away from you.

Whichever systems you use, regular security maintenance is vital for making sure your systems are in full working order, this why NovaSec makes it their top priority to perform routine inspection and maintenance on all of your devices, offering support, whether it’s technical support, maintenance, or changes to the way the system is used, we are here to support you.


Keep your Business

Closed circuit television (CCTV) video cameras are an important part of any business’ security strategy.

In addition to helping you to safeguard your business interests, CCTV cameras can also help to make your employees feel safe, which will make your place of business a more pleasant place to work.

CCTV systems are different from other TV systems in that their signals are recorded, rather than publicly distributed, for purposes such as surveillance and security. And in order to be effective, you need to strategically position CCTV cameras so that they monitor access points and other important areas of your grounds such as the employee parking lot.

CCTV camera systems can provide your business with the protection you need not only to keep out unauthorized parties, but to protect your business and employees from the risks associated with breaks and enters and overall crime.

CCTV systems, if they are remotely monitored, can keep tabs on what’s going on at your commercial property, and when you add to this the functionality of business security alarm monitoring systems, what you will get is the means of ensuring quick detection and verification of any intrusion on site.

The service provider will be able to dispatch the appropriate assistance as soon as any issues are detected, and this fast response could lead to actual apprehensions of suspects before they are out of your facility.

Real Time Surveillance

You do not need to hire a security person to keep an eye on all your operations. Monitoring with a CCTV camera is done from a remote computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Separate cameras can also use a single window to view the footage.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

For a retail business, factory, hotel or a supermarket, having CCTV surveillance enhances employee productivity. Your employees will work their best knowing that they are monitored with or without your presence.

Full Proof Protection

An efficient CCTV system helps to provide full prove coverage to your business premises. Therefore, you will be able to keep an eye on all operations, vulnerable areas and ensure all activities are carried out as per company regulations

Quality Monitoring of High-Risk Areas

The use of CCTV in high-Risk areas comes with extra benefits. This is common in factories and businesses that deal with dangerous goods and chemicals.
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