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Biometric Systems

Change the way you think about the traditional face recognition technologies

ZKBio Face facial recognition can activate facial recognition of certain facial templates. The system adopts professional facial recognition servers. The target library capacity supports up to 1 million images and supports 4, 8 or 16 cameras, multi-channel expansions.

The system is mainly composed of front-end HD cameras and back-end servers. Its features such as fast recognition speed, accurate facial recognition, and fexible deployment are widely used in public security, business premises, buildings and temporary deployment areas.

Real time monitoring allows you to configure up to 8 extensions, with strong recognition ability with high accuracy the integration of the latest face matching allows the system to accurately recognize human faces even in complex environments and the real-time activation of facial recognition of nearly 200,00 target facial templates.

Compare faces with the smart alarm push notification and snapshot record retrieval by comparing faces captured with the facial data in the blacklist database, push the alarm record in real-time; and retrieve the records.


Innovating The,
Future Of Security

Biometric security systems are a long term commercial security solution for any business. Efficient, effective, and versatile, biometric security systems will keep your business secure while saving you time, money, and resources.

As your business develops and grows, it is important to have systems in place that can scale with the growth of your business. Biometric systems are flexible and easily scalable. The validation is based on a range of different items, such as facial and iris recognition, fingerprint scans, and vascular pattern recognition. Biometric System are an effective security system for public and private offices to keep track of attendance & access control.

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Biometric technology can be used in a lot of industries such as healthcare, civil ID, business, schools, financial industries etc. A lot of countries have already used biometric technology for voter registration, national ID, and national healthcare or e-passport projects.

Biometric technology is capable of ensuring fast and reliable protected access to information.     Currently, techniques such as password verification have a lot of issues causing people to write them down and forget them at times which leads to stealing and hacking.

One of the key points of biometric technology is its ability to eliminate the need to use passwords at all. Through the use of biometric technology, your identity can be confirmed without access to documents that may be stolen, mislaid, or amended. Biometric technology is experiencing rising acceptance around the globe due to its usability, investment benefits, and future potential. Since biometric characteristics cannot be conjectured or stolen, biometric systems present a superior level of security than usual means of authentication

Another vital advantage of biometric technology is that it is less time consuming, dependable, user friendly, hard to falsify, requires negligible training, is inexpensive and accesses distinctive recognition features of individuals resulting in accurate verification.

Accurate Identification and Accountability

Biometric Systems provide more accurate identification, lowering your risk of unwanted breaches. With this type of security system, access is granted not by password or smart cards but by biological characteristics like iris scans or fingerprints.


Incorporating Biometrics security systems are designed with ease of use in mind and give you accurate results with minimal effort. Biometric security systems is easy and manageable with simple, straightforward training.

Convenient & Versatile

Biometric Security Systems are very convenient for both the user and the manager, for employees and other personnel, it's considerably easier to use rather than remembering passwords or keeping a badge or identification card on their person at all times.


Whether you want to secure more areas of your facility or just add more data for additional employees, biometric security systems will grow alongside your business.
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